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Training … But In A Car


Snowplow Driving Courses must be seasonal.


note: tractor driving courses must be a new field.

double note: wouldn’t a highspeed car chase on a driving course be cool?
… 2 drivers to kill too!


Today #322

I almost backed into a car while pulling out of a parking space today. I almost rear-ended them … at least from my point of view.

Dead Socks



I’ve been noticing a lot of single dead socks on the road recently.

Their migratory path must force them to cross a lot of roads.

It’s pretty tragic, as socks usually pair for life.

Poor sock survivor. 

It must feel like having one foot in the grave.

note: do survivor socks usually go in to theatre as sock puppets?

double note: It’s hard to kill porno magazines: when I see them on the road, they are usually gone when I drive by again. People must take them home and care for them.

triple note: I think I have Grateful Dead socks: they all have a “Touch of Gray“.