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I’m Keybored


If I could be any type of wood, I’d want to be driftwood.


note: the drift tree forests are very illusive … so are the ply tree forests for some reason.

double note: if I could invent something, that would be original.

triple note: flashers are in show business.

quadruple note: for every action there is an equal and opposite  inaction … or something like that.

quintuple note: if I had an identical twin, I’d probably go to the gym more.

sextuple note: I’m wasting away: … renewable resources and time seem to be in the lead.

septuple note: with enough soap … I could probably disappear.

octuple note: apologies again for not commenting on comments … and not visiting your blogs with the formerly usual intensity … but it’s summer and things are happening happeningly … or something like that.
I’ll get back into the thing of swings again.

nuntuple note: what type of trees do they make key boards from?


Today #41

The sun came out today! … that Annie is a liar.

The Sweetest Things #2


Is there anyone who doesn’t like the cold side of the pillow?

… I thought so.

I stand uncorrected.


note:cold pillow talk” isn’t good sometimes.

double note: it’s a renewable resource.

triple note:  wordpress  is having a video contest for things people are thankful for. I don’t have a video camera to be thankful for this year, but …
I thought I’d just throw some things I’m thankful for out there.

quadruple note: if you missed the “The Sweetest Things #1” scroll down or click or something … it’s close by.


notes to myself #67

Don’t stand so close behind Alphie while playing ball hockey in grade 4: stitches are involved.

On Planetross …

On Planetross ...

On Planetross … the only natural resources are in my head.


*SPECIAL NOTE*: I’m still alive! Just going to take a few days off. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and got all the toys they asked Santa for … or just got all the toys they wanted from the store.

note: on planetross everyone is naturally resourceful.

double note: renewable resources, reoldable resources, natural and unnatural resources; there is a lot of stuff kicking around.

triple note:  the otherside of planetross hasn’t been discovered yet.




Are renewable fuel resources called “re-troleum”?

 note: The Dutch are sitting on a gold mine with all those windmills. I bet they join OPEC soon.

 double note: I have a retro-fit when I think about how much I spent on gas a few months ago.