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Long Reign Deer!


This is spray painted on the road between work and the parking lot.

There are other ones, but not so intricate.

They were probably put there to signify underground pipes or cables,

but I always think this one is a reindeer for some reason.


note: I’m pretty good at Pictionary.

double note: if I don’t get on here again before Christmas, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, except Tony  who I wish good health and Happy Gardening!

triple note: Christmas on the International Space Station must be weird … or there are some cool places to store presents where nobody can find them.
(“Oxygen! That’s exactly what I wanted!”)

quadruple note: apologies for not being around on your blogs that much lately: I’m going through a phrase … or something like that. I’m sure I will pick up my socks after Christmas … or put them away … or wash them … or visit your blogs more often.


Today #315

Today I had 2 classes, left 3 hours early, and don’t have to go back until January 4th. It was almost better than Christmas!


People seem to forget that  before all those flying reindeer started pulling Santa’s sleigh, Christmas had a different meaning:







… there were flying dinosaurs pulling Santa’s sleigh!

“Santa, red with tooth and claw”
(apologies to Lord Alfred Tennyson)


note: on Allo, on Bronto, on T-rex, on Stego!
              on Brachio, on Veloci, on Tricera, on Patago!

double note: this Christmas display had the regular holiday characters as well. From left to right in the photo Santa, Frosty, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, and Doraemonif you were standing behind them. hee hee!


Today #98

Today was morning breathtaking.

The Reinchicken

amazing reindeer

Every year I make reindeer faces with my students.

I trace each student’s hands and one of their feet. They cut them out, glue them on another piece of paper, draw in eyes and a nose, and print their name and age at the bottom.

As the “tracer“, it’s very apparent who bites their nails, who’s ticklish, and who needs new socks.

When I trace feet, I usually count out 6 or 7  toes and then look very amazed.
If I help someone cut out a hand, I invariably cut out one of the fingers abnormally long and then look amazed.

sideshow material

I look amazed a lot.

I also tell the story of the unfortunate “fictional” student who only has one hand and has to make a reinchicken every year.



note: running with scissors is bad, but jogging with them is okay.

double note: I wish rabbits had antlers, so I could do the same activity at Easter.

triple note: Rein on the Chicken, blood on the plow!