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The food replicator has PEZ!!!

I bet a lot of people laughed at the inventor of the PEZ dispenser.

“Why would someone buy a device that isn’t necessary to eat the product?”

“Who wants a crappy candy that looks like it’s being regurgitated for you to enjoy?”


Whoever thought of that was a consumerism visionary!

or … a comsumerary or visionumerist or something like that.


note: for everything you ever wanted or didn’t want to know about PEZ check here.

double note: I was born too late.

triple note: If you steal from the PEZ company, is it called empezzling?

quadruple note: I bet the PEZ motto is “One is born every minute, and they can eat 12 before reloading“.

quintuple note: image from here.

sextuple note: I wonder if there are any birth control pill PEZ dispensers. (sorry, just getting strange here)

septuple note: Are people that eat PEZ called PEZants?






I’ve got a pretty strong system. I don’t “regurgitate” my food very often.

but to be fair …

I don’t think I usually “gurgitate” my food in the first place.

note: shouldn’t a medical dictionary be called an “afflictionary“?

double note:

Herring gull chicks peck at a red spot on their parents’s bill to induce their parents to regurgitate food.

Planetross punches drunk friends in the stomach to induce his friends to regurgitate food.