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A Big Pile Of Random


Sometimes I hit the doldrums and don’t see anything funny … or think of anything interesting to blog about.

Then I get a sign from a mail slot somewhere and I put some crap on … like I usually do.


note: exit signs are pessimistic … unless there is a fire … or the movie is over.

double note: front doors are welcome matters.

triple note: Do mail slots talk to you? … it’s okay, but don’t talk back to them … that’s a bad thing … and they don’t like it.

quadruple note: the age of signs is over … just like the age of miracles, the age of reason, the age of innocence, and the age of ice.  I hope the next age is something to do with making the world a better place to visit.

quintuple note: I wore a shirt that said “Maybe” today: I’m controversial … but I’m not totally sure about it.

sextuple note: someone else should start playing Jackie Chan in movies.

septuple note: that means the 7th note … if you haven’t been paying attention.

octuple note: when you wear a belt, do you loop it through your pants clockwise or counterclockwise?
I seem to be hanging out with the lefthanded clockwise crowd.

nuntuple note: sure it’s 5 o’clock somewhere and people are drinking, but it’s 3 am somewhere else and people are sleeping … so it all evens out.

decuple note: I guess I really didn’t have a lot of anything to say … or a lot of anything to say … or a whole lot of nothing to say.


notes to myself #79

Watch out for that nail on the road while you are driving.

Needless Things


3 things I have that I don’t really need bothering me eventually:

… my tonsils, my appendix, and my conscience.


note: I’m still waiting for that ice cream, jello, and no school payday!
… stupid tonsils.

double note: my appendix bothers me … what the hell did it used to do? “Scientists aren’t really studying the appendix in apes, wombats, and some rodents.” (wiki)
What about the other rodents????

triple note:

 “The most common explanation is that the human appendix is a vestigial structure which has lost its original function.

So that’s what Procol Harum was singing about!

“But I wandered through my playing cards
and would not let her be
one of sixteen
vestigial virgins
who were leaving for the coast”

quadruple note: I thought I had nothing tonight, but this thought came through the door with me when I came home. Some milk came through the door with me too, but I put that in the fridge: I won’t share that.

quintuple note: I talk like I write: random. It’s no mystery. A thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters have nothing on me.

sextuple note: I think Donald Diddams over at The Art of Digital Art  is the only one placing the cursor over the pictures on this blog.


notes to myself #78

Eat more mince meat tarts, coconut marshmellow rolls, nanaimo bars, and homemade fruit cake while you have the chance! That stuff gets pretty rare later on in life.

3 R’s

secret hidden bonus "R"!  random: a condom used when you pick up a stranger!


rectify: is that like saying you can’t make an omelette without breaking any eggs? … or is that wrecktify?

relevant: is that a “matter at hand” job?

reminiscent:a reminiscent smell” sounds a bit redundant to me.


note: sorry … I was peeking in the dictionary again.

double note: the “3 R’s” at school “R’nt correct“.

triple note:Hey man! I’m just waiting for the bus. I don’t want anything to do with your leg. Pervert!





Dictionaries should change their format.

Instead of just listing words in alphabetical order followed by the definition, they should demonstrate what the words mean.

For example:

random – should appear randomly through out the dictionary.

quarantine – should appear on a page by itself. (maybe solitude, lonely, and segregate too)

invisible – should not appear at all.

apple – should appear in the tree and pie entry. ( core and seed should appear in the apple entry )


Where would you put the words?


note:potpourri” should not be listed between potpie and potroast. That’s just wrong in my books.