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Rain makes things grow

… like sponges, puddles, clocks, and umbrella sales.


note: clouds are like babies … they are okay when they are small.


Today #5

Today was a vasectomy: very unproductive on purpose.

Delayed Rain

actually this is the bullet train (shinkansen) track, but you get the idea


Driving under bridges in the rain makes me think of … nothing.
It’s quite nice actually.


note: driving cars under bridges with rivers under them is for the ferries.

double note: turning the wipers off for a second gives me something to do.

triple note: rain drowns out the noise … and other things: that’s not so good sometimes.

quadruple note: “Hey it stopped raining! … crap it’s just a bridge.”


notes to myself #53

Do not put Tiger Balm on your upper lip! EVER!!!!

Wishful Thinking #6

 I'm going to fly like an eagle oneday!


 The rain will wash your car for you.


single scoop: an amazingly fine shower of wax might follow the rain too!

double scoop: Hey Mr. Fly! Are you going for a world record or something!

triple scoop: If you’ve missed the last 5, they are still here and here and here and here and here .





When I’m out in the rain without an umbrella, I like to walk normally and pretend it’s not raining.

While others do the “panicky hunched over in a half-run” maneuver, I calmly walk upright as if the rain has no affect on me.

I feel a bit more dignified doing this.

I also get completely soaked; but dignity has its price.


note: anything that can stop a baseball game is fine with me.

double note: planetross is not anti-pro-baseball.

triple note: the above festival goer in Tokyo is trash.






Is driving through puddles in a car just a natural progression from jumping in puddles as a kid?

It must be very anti-climatic at the wheelchair stage.

note: sidewalk tsunami victim in the rear-view mirror! hee hee!

double note: I think the unseasonable raininess here has precipitated this idea (and the next one).


Umbrella Tournaments



Are there “sun delays” at umbrella tournaments?


note: I don’t think I ever really own umbrellas, as they always lose me outside of bars.

double note: Catch and release: just like fishing.