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Pop Rocks?


Why can people who listen to “rock” music “rock out”,

but people who listen to “pop” music can’t “pop out”?


note:We will we will pop you!” … just doesn’t sound so edgy.

double note: I think the drummer in the photo must be called “&” maybe.


Today #135

Today I realized that some people are really crap at geography. I had to explain to someone that Kazakhstan was right next to the Prince Caspian Sea.



An icicle will last just as long at 35°C as it does at 0°C.

… I eat them pretty fast.


note: Icicle Racing should really be a Winter Olympic sport.

Icicle icicle icicle
I want to ride my icicle icicle icicle
I want to ride my icicle
I want to ride my ice
I want to ride my icicle
I want to ride it where I like

(apologies to Queen)


double note: Are there stalagmite like icicles?    (that’s hard to say)


notes to myself #115

The expression “waterlogged” doesn’t have anything to do with wet logs.
… but it could.

You Are So Wrong


My friend and I disagreed on something major, and it escalated into a big fight.

We aren’t talking to each other now.

He’s so stubborn sometimes. Everyone knows that …

it’s David Bowie with Queen who sing “Under Pressure“, not Queen with David Bowie.

note: I admitted I was wrong about The Vertigo Girls singing the “Hammer and Some Snails” song.