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Hanging Out In 100B


Hope springs eternal”      (Alexander Pope)

Spring springs eternal too! … and is springy!”      (planetross)



note: When a pregnant woman tells me her due date … I do the math and figure out when her did date was.
… I hope other guys do that too.

double note: Spring is 9 months away from the first day of summer … or only a day away …  if you are into nostalgia.

triple note:Danny Says” by The Ramones and Tom Waits! How cool is that? … pretty cool.
I couldn’t find an Alexander Pope version, sorry.

quadruple note: I figured I’d throw this one out on the weekend because nobody ever comments of this video stuff anyway.

quintuple note: If  Tom Waits, Joey Ramone, and Alexander Pope were in the same room; I’m sure I’d be dreaming.

sextuple note: I’m getting all melancholugubrious.


notes to myself #122

Everyone has their own musical taste … it’s just the way it is. Opening your ears and shutting your mouth is usually better than closing your ears and opening your mouth.


making feet for baby shoes


A pregnant woman is possibly a “waiting womb attendant” … figuratively speaking literally.


note: if a mother isn’t pregnant, is she an unexpectant mother?

double note: if a woman doesn’t know she’s pregnant, is she an unexpectant mother too?
oh! I wasn’t expecting that!

triple note: if a woman isn’t pregnant, is she a non-unexpectant mother? … or is that just another term for an expectant mother once  you peel those double negatives off of it?

quadruple note: if you have two photo negatives, is that positive?

quintuple note: I may start taking infertility drugs to offset the effect of fertility drugs. Maybe I could do an “infermercial” … or something … and make a few bucks.

sextuple note: I think I’m using infertilizer in my garden.

septuple note: The photo has nothing to do with pregnant women: pregnant women might have made those sandals, but I don’t know for sure either way. I just don’t have good photos of pregnant women … or any photos for that matter.
Just thinking about the Tom Waits’ line “making feet for children’s shoes” or something like that.