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I Rule The Game “Predictionary”!


Some people think I’m extremely predictable.

I consider myself really understandable:

… it’s a subtle difference.


note: I’m still not here … I’m over there … it’s just an optical illusion.

double note: a big thank you for your comments. I do read them … and do want to reply to them … but my fingers are in a few pies … so it’s not extremely possible at the moment. 


Today # 376

Today I thought … bars of soap would last longer if they were bigger.
It would take longer for them to turn into slivers.
Less useless soap slivers in a year makes sense to me.
I could be wrong: I usually am.


the blue eye of the storm


I have a predictionary: it tells me what might happen … but not in the right order.


note: I am unpredictionable: I don’t even know what might happen!

double note: when someone’s very unpredictable … that’s kind of predictable really.

triple note: predictionaries are like selective logging: not clear cut.


notes to myself #23

You miss the first month of  Grade 12 with mononucleosis, but you get out of taking Algebra … so it’s not all bad.