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I’m An Electricity Failure Failure

2 score and 4 at the moment

When there is a blackout, birthday candles are pretty useless;

because … what are the chances of it happening on your birthday, or … actually having any birthday cake close at hand!


note: power outages always happen at the wrong time … it’s always the wrong time after a power outage too.

double note: I think I lose a lot of my daylight savings at night!

triple note: power poles during a blackout are just boring totem poles.



Halloween Part I




Why are there so many very localized power outages on Halloween night?

One house might be affected but the next house isn’t.

It’s usually the cheap bastards’ houses that get hit for some reason.

Serves them right!

note: When I was kid Halloween lasted for 2 weeks and we got so much stuff that our candy rotted before our teeth did! And there were real monsters too!

double note: When I was a kid, that Charlie Brown Halloween Special was already considered old. The best part was Lucy drawing a Jack-o-lantern face on the back of Charlie Brown’s head.

triple note: sh sh sh sh sh ha ha ha ha ha. or was that Friday the 13th?