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The Video: Really Bad Things

 Here is a little video Kelly Pettit  and I made.
It’s a mixture of the “Really Bad Things” series with a bunch of new ones thrown in too!



 note: a very very very very special “thank you” to Kelly Pettit  who did all the work on this one: director, producer, cinematographer, sound engineer, and most especially editor. I really couldn’t have done this with out his expertise in things I know nothing about.
He also carried half the pool table around with me looking silly for a few hours.
Kelly rocks!!!!

double note: I should have smiled more in this video.

triple note: Really Bad Things, More Really Bad Things, and Still More Really Bad Things are still being bad.


notes to myself #10

When you are 9 years old do not do Morris’ paper route for him. He’s not going to pay you; and him and his dad are douche b … oh! … you don’t know those words yet! … they are jerks.

Really Bad Things

very difficult to cook with

These things would be really bad:

A pots and panoramic view

A red tidal wave

A 6 pack of lies

Cattle Ranch Dressing

A flashbackwards somersault

Banana Split ends

A tapeworm hole

semi colon cancer

tennis elbow macaroni

A poison ivy league school

A clogged pipe dream

timetable place mats

square root dancing

A Bleak House party

A Harry Potter’s field

A Graveyard sale

An Islamabad apple

A mad cow lick

Beavis and Butthead aches

Butterfly wheels

James Bondage (some people might like this)

A Mr. Bean bag

A teleScope’s trial

A black eye test

Shampooh and Piglet too!

A Monkey chain

A Deodorant

A tiled roof rack of lamb

A full body search party

Getting Stitches and a few Lilos

A hotdog walker

A cold soring eagle

A headlock of hair

A Morgue and Freeman

A hamster wheel of cheese

Hello Kitty litter

A nail filing cabinet

A barber shoplifter

A snow stormtrooper

A severed leg warmer

Traffic lightning

Corn on the cobwebs

A sour milk carton



note: Why don’t people look in the “Missing Person’s Bureau” for all those people?

double note: If I’ve offended anyone, I haven’t meant to.

My mind is up to its old colostomy bag of tricks again!