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My Life

 the first thing I scanned!


 My life is very constipated … or like some other word that sounds like that … or similar … or almost the same but different … or very close to that one but with a different meaning.


note: being constipated requires constant patience … that’s why it’s called “constipatience“.

double note: the above drawing is an advertisement from one of those fake newspapers they sell in cowboy tourist traps: mine said “Ross Janes: Wanted Dead or Alive, but Mostly Dead“.  The newspaper is long gone, but I’ve kept this stupid drawing for 36 years or so. I don’t know why.

triple note: With the help of my knowledgeable friend Kelly Pettit , I am now the owner of a printer/scanner/photo making thingey. I scanned this drawing by myself and everything!

quadruple note: Yes, I know the little guy in the drawing probably has diarrhea, but … diarrhea is toilet humor while constipation is technically not toilet humor.