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I don’t have a wealth of knowledge:

I’m paycheck to paycheck.


note: the last illegal thing I did was move the horsey 3 squares up and 2 over in chess, but I think the statute of limitations is up on that one.


Today #29

Today I’m going to putter around … I may carry a putter around with me, so people know what I’m doing.

Peddling Crime

baffled ... without baffles!


You can't catch me coppers!!! hee hee!!!



note: police photo taken by Kelly Pettit … because I was driving.

double note: Visor Man photo taken by me … because I was driving alone.



Trigger Words #2



Do you know any words that when you hear them, they cause you to roll your eyeballs?

One of mine is: partner … as in “my partner“.

“Significant other” and “companion” affect me similarly.

It’s just too vague and secretive to be treated seriously.

If I have to nod my head politely at “partner”, than others need to accept “I went somewhere and did something” as an informative statement.

“partner” screams “it’s none of your business”!

Not mentioning the person at all would be better.

Maybe an alternative term could be “my human being“.

It’s also extremely vague, but at least I wouldn’t mistakenly confuse the person for a police officer, a doubles’ tennis player, a pairs’ figure skater, or  a ballroom dancer.

note: Do cowboys say, “My partner partner, partner”?

double note: if you haven’t read Trigger Words #1, it’s still here.

triple note: I bet Roy Rogers‘ “trigger word” was … Trigger!