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Like A Post … But Not Quite


The “pole vaulted ceiling” was never very popular.

… kind of like that sport.


note: Warsaw: it’s an accurate name, but kind of a bummer.

double note: 


Today #200

Today I bought The Brothers Karamazov novel and a Kobito Dukan file cover: I have to keep things in balance most of the time.

(I think the Kobito Dukan (dwarf encyclopedia) stuff is going to be big worldwide!) … maybe it is already, I’m 46, so I’m kind of out of it. hee hee!

Logging And Blogging


Posts are from logs
Posts are from blogs

“How many?” requires
Pollsters and surveyors

To make polls about postings
Make poles out of post things


Enter statistics
On memory sticks
Print their findings
On things that need bindings.


note: a little blog cabin in the cyber wood be nice.

(no that isn’t a typo)

double note: I have a totem stick.

triple note: I rhyme loosely … don’t think of me obtusely.

quadruple note: the guy in the photo is a snowman tamer … or is possibly trying to wake that lazy snowman up.


notes to myself #136

Your strengths and weaknesses are very far apart … sadly.

Pole Positioning

You may pass


It doesn’t bother me when people on motorcycles sneak up into the pole position at traffic lights: they usually accelerate quickly and are gone.

But …

I’d like to do the same to them just once.

I’m a rebellious thinker like that sometimes.


note: if I know there will be some cyclist, mopedalist, or pizza delivery scooter driver trying to muscle in on my pole position with visions of being a Hell’s Angels, I usually try to get as close to the curb as possible.

double note: Is that motorcycle move taught at driving school? … or is it just an unwritten rule of the road? … or something else?

triple note: I bet people with really fast cars get pissed off with motorcyclists for doing this. … I wouldn’t know … I’m just a better.

quadruple note: if a motorcyclist cut in front of me in a movie theatre line up, I probably wouldn’t say anything … because obvious they are a weirdo.

quintuple note:pole position” … because there is a pole somewhere … I thought there was a “poll” about the fastest being positioned at the front.

sextuple note: I’ve been in the “pole position” at the barbershop on many occasions!


notes to myself #51

You grow out of a lot of things, but you grow in to a lot of things at the same time … so it’s no big deal really.