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On A Roll


I’m going out to get the paper.

I’ll be back on Monday.


note: hopefully I also find a few shirts that that other person doesn’t have yet.  hee hee!


notes to myself #144

Pizza is good. … really good!


big sticks and walking softly


I’m glad I’m not a stick

… because I don’t think sticks can drink chocolate milk.


note: if I was a pizza, I’d be a cannibal.

double note: How big does a stick have to be before it becomes a log?



The Roof of the Mouth


Do you know what burns me?

Corn on the cob and pizza!

Why do the 2 things I love hurt me so?

note: I’d probably die if I had a “corn on the cob pizza“.

double note: Maybe that is why it’s named the palette; because after eating corn on the cob and pizza it turns so many different colours.



It’s always a gamble ordering pizza from a new place.

I ordered a small pizza for take-out at one shop; they gave me a large pizza box, I paid and left. I thought they’d made a mistake until I opened the box to find half a large pizza inside. I don’t know why, but I felt short changed somehow.

Quality can range from excellent to excrement: soggy, burnt, doughy, or tasteless pizza may greet the buyer.

Toppings seem to vary a lot from place to place too. Chicken and corn are popular in some countries, but if you mention pineapple on a pizza they think you are a psycho.

My favourite pizza is smoked oyster and onion. I keep my mouth shut about that usually.

Some places keep the top of the pizza from sticking to the box lid with a cardboard or plastic doohickey; some don’t.

I used to order take-out from Natalie’s Pizza in Victoria, Canada. They baked a ball of dough in the middle of the pizza to prevent the box lid/topping contact thing. It was a mini bun a bit bigger than a doughnut hole.

It was called Natalie’s Nipple.

Everyone wanted the Nipple.

note: Is half a tub of popcorn considered a small popcorn? Is a half filled large drink cup really a small drink? I guess technically they are, but I wouldn’t walk away with my regular “feel good” swagger.