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Tomorrowland is just in someone’s head,

but so are Yesterdayland and Neverland.


note:Twodaysfromnowland” or “Thedayaftertomorrowland” are probably twice as good!

double note: it’s always Tomorrowland; never Tomorrowsea … unless you’re sending a card to that The Smiths‘ guy.

triple note: our future is in Tomorrowland … and always will be I guess.


notes to myself #105

People don’t get scurvy from becoming a pirate: they get it from not eating vitamin C.

It’s a vitamin seasickness.

The Sweetest Things #3


I’m glad there were pirates in history because I really didn’t want to be a clown on Halloween as a kid.


note: whoever said ” Those who live by the swordfish  die by the swordfish” must have been talking to someone called “Fish“.

double note: I haven’t heard of too many people  being attacked by swords recently … there must have been a government crackdown on that or something.

triple note: I used to think it was “Pontius the Pirate” when I was a kid.

quadruple note:   wordpress  is having a video contest for things people are thankful for. I don’t have a video camera to be thankful for this year, but …
I thought I’d just throw some things I’m thankful for out there.


notes to myself #69

The first professional play you see is “Treasure Island” in Vancouver. It blows your little mind … and is probably the reason you wear a pirate costume every year on Halloween.

My Fanta”sizing” Is Extra Large El Grande!

I ain't never growing up!


I’m a hunter and gatherer of wool.


note: flower added by Mariko.

double note: How old do you have to be before you can’t say what you want to be when you grow up?

triple note: I know “Cyclops” isn’t politically correct, but “one eyed monster” is misinterpreted as something else these days.

quadruple note: Can you be misquoted if you speak sign language?

quintuple note: Pirates don’t seem to be very limber.

sextuple note: watching kids coloring something is better than … 

septuple note: I may have put on 4 entries tonight … if you are in to that sort of thing.



Buying A House


When I buy a house, I’m going to buy a “houseboat” and just live in it on land.

Hey! Better safe than sorry. You never know.

I might wear a life jacket around the house too.


note: I envision yelling “Man Overboard!” a lot.

double note: I will call my property “Dry Dock“.

triple note: sales people and religious touts will be considered pirates and dealt with accordingly.

quadruple note: photo taken in Northern Peru.

SPECIAL NOTE:   Nathaliewithanh came to visit me in Japan! How does her trip unfold? or unravel? Check it out here or click on the page up in my header.




Why do people think I’m Australian when I say, “No worries, matey”?

I’m not Australian.

I’m a frickin’ Pirate!


note: an “eye patch” isn’t a field where you grow eyes.




Too Much Time


I walked by a mirror and didn’t see my reflection.

It was very freaky!

Maybe it was a window.
I’m not too sure.



I don’t know about you, but driving through a city called Bottleneck might not be the best idea!



If I had a delicatessen, I’d call it The Psycho Deli.

Maybe I’d have a blackvelvet poster and a lava lamp somewhere.


Pets as Gifts

I don’t think it is a good idea to give a pet as a gift.


I usually give 2 pets: a male and female rabbit!

just to be safe.


I Want To Be A Webler!

web log = weblog = blog

Why isn’t it “webl”?

I’d rather webl and be a webler!

Turn Signals

I want up and down turn signals on my car: just in case.


Pirates of the Caribbean

I don’t care how good the movies are; the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland sucks.


Christmas Carols

People in the Southern Hemisphere are pretty good sports about Christmas Carols.



When I was younger, I was a lot shorter than I am now.



Let’s put the “fun” back in “funeral”!



Has anyone ever broken their jaw on a jawbreaker?




Rules are made to be broken.

except in sports.

There’s video replay now!



I’m waiting for the j-pods to come out!


Zombies are a Dying Breed

If everyone were cremated…..

I guess there would be no more Zombie movies!

That would suck.