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Key Balls And Chains


I’ve acquired quite a few key chains in the last 10 years or so.

Most of them were presents from friends or students who went on holidays: Saipan, New Zealand, Australia, other places in Japan, and Hawaii seem to be popular destinations for Japanese people for some reason.

I’ve bought a few as keepsakes from places I’ve visited: the “No Stress” one from Morro de São Paulo, Brazil supposedly floats, while the real piranha one would fall apart if you stuck it in your pocket, but it’s cool anyway.

Others just seem to have appeared magically with bottles of whiskey.

For me, the only problem with having so many keychains is … I don’t use keychains.

My keys are in the top left of the photo.


note: I should open a keychainstore.

double note: people seem to give me a lot of gloves as well, … but never those cool doctor ones.

triple note: the only person I know with an authentic keychain is Mr. Pettit.


Today #155

Today I read that Cindy Lauper was on tour in Japan when the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear reactor stuff was happening … and she just kept on touring for another week. She goes to the head of the class.


pidgeon coop


What’s the big deal about training pigeons to fly around together and return home or racing them over a certain distance!

If  someone can train a group of hamsters to pull off an intricate bank heist or turn piranha into vegetarians, then I’ll be impressed!


note: people with pigeons should work on toilet training a bit more.

double note: I feel cooped up in here.

triple note: “Birdy” was a pretty good movie. I haven’t seen it since I was 17, so don’t be racing over to the rental shop on my recommendation: send your pigeon.

quadruple note: Everything I need to know I learned from The Wacky Racers.      “stop the pigeon.”

quintuple note: I have nothing against pigeons or their owners. However, I do hold a personal grudge against the guy who insisted on cleaning out the pigeon coop  shown above at 6 a.m. every morning.  I flew the coop after 4 years; the pigeons are still there.



Worms and Fish

Why do people use worms to catch fish?

Fish eat worms, but usually not ones just floating around in the middle of nowhere.

They probably don’t even know what they are.

Those fish must be really hungry, or have bad eye sight.

Now if you are trying to catch a bird, I bet worms work great!


note: What do you use to catch worms: smaller worms?

double note: to catch piranha a bit of human works great.