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 What’s with males and the color pink?

By the time most boys are 5 years old the color pink has been hardwired into their heads as being a girls’ color. 

For boys …

no pink bicycles; no pink clothing; no pink toys.

A fluffy bunny doll is okay, but not a pink fluffy bunny doll.

Boys aren’t even offered the option of pink for most things … and if they are, their parents would probably direct them away from that option.

It’s societal brainwashing … about a color.

When did this start? and why?

I’m not an advocate for boys wearing pink: I’m as brainwashed as the next guy.

I’m just wondering.


note: yellow and polka dots are questionable too!

double note: the only pink t-shirt I’d wear is a Pink Floyd one … or this.

triple note: I unconsciously consider all Flamingos female … and I don’t know why!

quadruple note: a pink pig doll is okay for boys … there isn’t much you can do with a pig sometimes.

quintuple note: bubble gum, pink elephant popcorn, and cotton candy are exceptions for some reason. I guess the brainwashing doesn’t include food … or near food products.


notes to myself #127

When you finally buy a suit, the salesman sells you a light rose colored shirt to go with it: it’s pink.
It’s not so bad really.

Half a Name

over the river and through the fields to Obaasan's house we go!


Sting, Pink, Madonna, Cher, Meatloaf, and Bono wouldn’t be very anonymous at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

My name is _________ and I’m an alcoholic.”


note: these people are on a first name basis with everyone.

double note: Brazilian soccer players do have 2 names … it’s just that the other one sounds funny.

triple note: if I changed my name to “Amen” it could get confusing at church.

quadruple note: maybe I’ll change my name to “Stupid” … and sue those t-shirt people.

quintuple note: Why didn’t William Shakespeare have a Pen Name? … did he write his stuff with a pencil or something!

sextuple note: The photo has nothing to do with anything: I just like this view.