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Tree Of Knowledge


I ate a banana from the Tree of Knowledge.

Afterwards I thought, “That wasn’t the Tree of Knowledge.”

So I guess it must have been.


note: I’ll still try strawberry and pineapple trees next.

double note: maybe bananas grow on the “Tree of Just a Little Bit of Knowledge“?

triple note: obviously the persimmon tree in the photo isn’t the Tree of Knowledge … or maybe the owners just don’t eat persimmons … or it is the Tree of Knowledge and it’s just a really knowledgable thing to do to keep other people from eating that fruit!
Either way or the other … it looks kind of cool.

quadruple note: Thanks to everyone that voted for me over at Tacky Raccoons! … I smell another t-shirt … or I will after I’ve worn it for a while! hee hee!

quintuple note: I’m not thinking about adding a weekly feature called “Japan for Idiots“. What do you not think about that?


Today # 64

Light years seem light because they are so far away. The years closer to me seem heavier for some reason. (I thought of that today, so it kind of fits)

Food For Thought

I am ignorant about many types of food.

I love food, but don’t usually think too deeply about how it is grown.

In the last few years I have discovered:

pineapples don’t grow on trees.

bananas hang on trees the opposite way I thought they did.

 coconuts don’t start out small, brown, and hairy like the ones in the supermarket.

people do eat chestnuts, just not the kind that grew around my hometown.
   (I always wondered why people were roasting chestnuts on an open fire in that Christmas song)

I still haven’t figured out peanuts yet: please don’t tell me, I want it to be a surprise.


note: road apples, prairie oysters, and cow pies do not grow on trees or in the ground. I think one of them is inedible, but I could be wrong.

double note: My in-depth knowledge of how rice is grown hopefully makes up for these other deficiencies.