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Pillow Talk


I had the perfect pillow, but it’s gone now.

I can’t remember what happened to it.
I took it for granted most likely … and it slipped away from me.

Since then I’ve tortured myself with a long line of wannabes, fakes, no goods, frauds, almosters, not-even-closers, and poor substituters.

One day I will have the perfect pillow again … one day.

The perfect pillow is like a halo:

… once it’s floating around your head, it’s heavenly.


note: I spend a lot of time pillow fighting by myself these days.

double note: I’ve lived through the pillows and pilhighs of sleepless and sleepmore nights.

triple note: I’m glad I have the above photo … because doing a photo shoot with my extensive supply of crap pillows would be a bit disturbing.
(I’m sure the pillows in the windows are pillow sillky)

quadruple note: apologies for not being over at your blogs lately: I’m having problems concentrating lately … like those lazy oranges that don’t make it into frozen orange juice.


Today 190

Today Mr. Pettit  suggested reforms to expand my garden. I think I like his ideas:
I’ll keep you posted on all the implementing type stuff when it comes to fruition … or I have time to implefruition stuff.