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Testing 1, 2, … That’s It.


I’m not a big fan of free samples.

If I’m going to sample something,
I want it to be the really expensive stuff!


note: a trial size suit would be fine … if I’m arrested.

double note: I choose random stuff very carefully.

triple note: being a picky eater must involve actually picking fruits and vegetables off of whatever they grow on before showing up in supermarkets.
I could be wrong: I usually am.

quadruple note: scented toilet paper makes my nose run … it’s a vicious circle.

quintuple note:3 square meals” probably means something different to toilet paper people.


what I’m listening to now # 57: Walk off the EarthSomebody That I Used To Know“.

Ice Cubical


I swallowed an ice cube

… sometime tomorrow it’s going to be unpleasant in the bathroom.


note: if I could swallow things whole, I wouldn’t: … I’m chewsy.

double note: most small children are picky eaters … nose picky eaters. (ew!)

triple note: the “R” on the bear is for “Ross” … before I was “planetross“.


what I’m listening to now #28: something or another … I’m never quite sure.