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Maître d’


The maître dat the fancy French restaurant wasn’t very good.

He didn’t even wear a cape!


When I left, one of the staff held the door for me though;

… I think he was the “maître d’oor”.


note: my French is so bad that it just sounds like I’m swearing. Excuse me.

double note: the photo is of a curry house sign. I don’t have any photos of French restaurants: I don’t live in France or anything!

triple note: I actually took this photo because of the “Pin” sign: I  think the exit sign said “Pout“.


Today #134

Today I was really on a streak! … a mean streak!
(Is mean streaking when you run around like a mad man?)

The Pearly Gates

purely gates inc.


Who thought up this “Pearly Gates” mumbo jumbo?

It  just brings up too many other questions.

– Does Heaven really need a gate to keep people out? … or in?

– Does this mean it’s possible to sneak in to Heaven?

– Is Heaven under attack?

– Should I be worried about security if I go there?

– Is there a big brick wall attached to these Pearly Gates?

– Can I see over the gate to make sure I’m not walking in to a trap?

– Will I have to wait around if I arrive after hours?

– Is there a Pearly Turnstile too?


I’m not impressed with this “Pearly Gates” imagery …

… I’d rather just walk through a “mettle detector“.


note: amazingly great song by Brett Dennen here  (click on Heaven over to the right, not the entire song .. but most of it)   and a sad one from Chris Rea  here  on the Heaven theme.

double note: maybe they are “purely gates“.

triple note: if I’ve offended anyone, I haven’t meant to; just playing with ideas and words and stuff.

quadruple note: I was going to put a “Welcome Matt” in the drawing, but didn’t want to leave out Mark, Luke, and John.