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Mr. Lower Back … 3 Years Old!



A month after I started blogging in 2008 I started my first experiment: a Hair Labo.
I named him Mr. Lower Back because at first he didn’t grow hair on his head … just other odd places.

It’s his 3rd birthday today. He’s looking pretty sad, but he keeps on going for some reason. (I had to re-attach his left eye for the photo)

Most of the people who first read the crap I was writing at the beginning have either stopped blogging or stopped leaving comments. That’s cool: everyone has a life … and hobbies/life/situations change.

Some of the first readers of this blog are still around though; Tony, S. Le, Turkish Prawn, Prairie Flounder, sweetiegirlz, and Pat Coakley to name a few who keep stopping by here … like I’ve got worms and they want to go fishing.


It’s been 3 years plus, but I’m not as sad looking as Mr. Lower Back … so I will continue.


note: I have to say that Tony  has sent more people this way than anyone else … for some reason. It’s really quite weird when I try to think about it … which I don’t enough. (I still miss another featured blog that had to do with which way the toiletpaper roll was hanging in the hotels the guy visited)

double note: I should eliminate a lot of the roll call from the blogroll, but I can’t … it’s my nature. I’d be Waiting for Godot … if I was in that play.
(I miss all of you)

triple note:  for everyone else on the blogroll who joined me at a later date … I’m not sure if I found you or you found me … I’m just glad you are still here. It makes the blogging hobby (blobby) very enjoyable.

quadruple note: all my other experiments are long gone or finished. Some were good, some were bad, some were boring … or not to my liking. They are still up at the top of the blog if you’ve got time to kill … and are really bored.
(I’d like to start a new experiment, but my local experiment shop has closed sadly: I’ll keep looking for something new though)


Today #170

Today was like ordering a pizza and calculating only 3 pieces will be mine … then a few people got sick unexpectantly and a few weren’t hungry … Total Score!!!
(this is an analogy: I don’t order pizza when more than 2 people are present)

Walking With Your Head Down

Crystal Ball Gazing


People who always walk with their head down should have mirrors on their shoes.


note: Pat Coakley   mentioned “walking with your head down” a while ago, and it stuck in my head … while it was down …  for some reason.

double note: if you had mirrors on your shoes you’d probably be twice as reflective … or a perv or something.

triple note: I could have taken a photo with mirrors on my shoes, but all my pairs of those are dirty.

quadruple note: people who walk with their head down must really like their shoes … freaks!



Restorationale Project

Barry Un's Table


I foolishly left this table outside after a BBQ last summer … and it warped at warp speed.

What do you do with a warped table?

Leave it outside longer!

It’s now a neglected partially hidden table at the back of my house.

It looked so sad that I had to do something for it.

So …

I gave it a new look!

Now  …

a table with a face that is smiling!

 it’s a happy table again!

a table facing a happy direction!

I guess it’s better than having a sad table hanging around.


note: I’m not a carpenter.

double note: Pat Coakley : It’s definitely not an emoticon!

triple note: things warp pretty fast around my place.

quadruple note: if you didn’t see the original “Goodbye Smiley Face” post … it’s still around.




In the “How To Make an Action Movie Manual” there must be an entire chapter devoted to manholes.


note:  Tom Cruise or Bruce Willis must be the air duct/manhole using champion.

double note: Do the workmen climbing down manholes use “manhole coveralls”?

triple note: another great idea from Pat Coakley at Single for a Reason.

quadruple note: This manhole cover photo taken in Karuizawa city, Nagano Japan. It depicts Mt. Asama: a very active volcano.



Goodbye Smiley Face

As of now I have sworn off the smiley face and all that its cute little visage symbolizes.

No more will it grace my comments.

No more will you know instantly that I am happy.

No more will you know when I’m being sarcastic, taking the piss out of you, being playfully facetious, or dead serious.

No more!  No more!   No More!

My reliance on emoticons has ended. I will endeavour to be as verbose and witty as Falstaff or as minimalist as Butthead on my comments. I will hone my wordsmith skills instead of pushing the “colon” and “right parenthesis” buttons.

I am a lowercase blogger from  this day forth. (except at the beginning of sentences, proper pronouns, and regular punctuation)

I have chosen this lonely path in the hope that in some small way I can be an example for others who have been too afraid to escape the lure and convenience of our happy friend.

There are dark days ahead with no yellow round thing with 2 dots and a curved line to light the way, but this is the path I will walk.

Goodbye smiley face. You will be missed but will always have a special place in my tool bar, although I will not use you.

This is a very emotional moment for me, but I can not really express how I feel.


note: To quote James Taylor, “Whenever I see your smiley face, I have to smile myself because I love you”.

double note: this is Single for a Reason‘s doing. 
                        Sweetiegirlz thank you for your support, but it has all been for naught.

triple note: I will definitely be increasing my “haha!” usage.






The cow is of the bovine ilk;
One end is moo, the other, milk.

Ogden Nash 



It’s difficult to write about cows: it’s rare for it to be well done.




To reudderate, I will ruminate on this and search for irrumination on the topic.


note: Pat Coakley over at Single for a Reason  requested I write about cows. I guess she figures I’m like one of those wind-up monkeys or something: “Play Monkey Play!”



 It was hard to type with those cymbals on my hands, but I tried.





double note: my friend the psychologist wanted to go to England during the Mad Cow Epidemic.

“Why are you so angry? And how does that make you feel?”




My Middle Drawer

My middle drawer at work.

Everyone is welcome to have a peek, peruse, play with, and enjoy the pleasures within.

Class is starting. Please put everything back now. NOW. NOW. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, .5, .25, 0!  PUT THAT STUFF BACK NOW!!!  

OK! ANGRY ROSS is phoning the Toy Police. You are in trouble now!

Everyone knows I keep my “marbles” in the top drawer.


note: another great idea by Pat Coakley at Single for a Reason.



What’s In My Fridge?


Nothing special in my fridge: just beer and aliens.


note: another great idea from Pat Coakley at Single for a Reason.

double note: the aliens don’t drink my beer, but I seem to be buying a lot of mayonnaise.



What’s On Your Refrigerator?

My fridge is a giant magnet that small useless metal objects stick to.

How cool is that?

Pretty cool, I kid you not!


note: the writing on the door courtesy of a party guest; but …   no love was had by planetross and no one claimed me as their “mine”. 

double note: Another great Pat Coakley idea from over there a yonder at Single for a Reason.

triple note: Are there fridge magnets for styrofoam coolers?


Where’s The Friggin’ Point?



I do not weep at the world I am too busy sharpening my oyster knife.

Zora Neale Hurston


With apologies to Pat Coakley and her great idea for a series: “What’s the Friggin’ Point?

at Single For A Reason:



I couldn’t help myself.