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Old People Driving Like There Is A Tomorrow


Old people drive like they’ve forgotten something on the roof of their car … and don’t want it to fall off before they get to where they are going.


note: personally I think they’ve forgotten how to drive on the roof of their car. hee hee!

double note: I plan to drive a convertible when I’m a little older, so this doesn’t happen to me.

triple note: I was going to say bad drivers, but some of them are known to drive really fast.

quadruple note: I bet if you dropped an old person in a car from a plane and a 25 year old in a car from a plane, the old person would defy gravity and take an extra 10 to 15 minutes to hit the ground.

quintuple note: I’m not trying to be mean … it just comes naturally sometimes. hee hee!


Today #287

Today I can still smell the sardines I ate last night.