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It’s passport renewal time for me.

I’ve had one since I was 15.

I’ve had passports issued in 4 countries: Canada, Australia, Argentina, and Japan.

I’m glad that there are Embassies in other countries.

… because I don’t know where I’ll be every 5 years.


note: 70% of British citizens have passports compared to 50% of Canadians, 37% of Americans, and 1.5% of Chinese citizens.

double note: if I couldn’t get a passport, I’d get a boat.

triple note:passports” really should be updated to “passairports“.

quadruple note: I used to think a lot of people in my neighbourhood travelled a lot because they were always passing my place rolling their suitcases. I finally figured out that they were just hauling their dirty laundry to the coin-laundry down the street in those suitcases.


Today #344

Today I realized that this time’s passport photo is the worst ever!
(photographers must be getting crappier every 5 years)