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Fall Down … Winter To Go

There is a road that connects the back-of-beyond on one side of the city I live in to the back-of-beyond on the otherside of the city I live in.

I guess it’s for people who don’t like the front-of-beyond … or like narrow windy roads … or scenery.

In the Fall, when the leaves are changing colors, it’s a regular tourist attraction.

People seem to be disappointed with pine trees usually.

It’s not their season I guess.


note: no one ever mentions the trees … always the leaves. I think I know how milk feels in the cereal bowl now.

double note: my back has decided to go out on me. If I don’t post for a few days or leave comments, it’s nothing personal.
(it wasn’t that 3 Person Value Set … if that’s what you’re thinking)

triple note: I’m not looking for sympathy with that last note … I know it’s between “shit” and “syphilis” in the dictionary … like my father used to say.


Today #70

Today was a Mr. T. prediction: pain.

The Regenerating Toothbrush Analogy

Day 1: A broken toothbrush is like a sprained wrist: it’s useless.

Day 2: It’s still pretty useless, but can be used in emergency situations. Pain will be involved.

Day 3: It’s functional, but I don’t want anyone to see me use it. It still has problems with hard to reach areas.

Day 4: It’s starting to resemble it’s former self. If you don’t look too closely at it … or use it too much, you wouldn’t know it wasn’t 100% yet.

Day ???: It works great and will be severely underappreciated once again.



Things I couldn’t do with my right wrist and hand on Day 1

– start my van

– hold anything heavier than air

– negotiate buttons, unscrew jar lids, or wash the left side of my body properly

double note: on Day 1 it hurt like hell … but I rolled up my sleeve (a co-worker rolled up the other one for me) and I carried on.

triple note: spraining a wrist hurts, but I’m sure any body part … or anybody’s part of their body would be the same … or similar but in a different area and with a different function … or it might be worse.
Things can always be worse, but they can always be better too!

quadruple note: negotiating with buttons doesn’t work … getting mad, pleading, making promises, and crying don’t work either.


notes to myself #73

One of your arms breaks when you are 18 months old … after that you just seem to bend stuff.



I had to wear a suit today: for a whole hour!    Torture!

Some women always say, ” You look so nice in a suit“; as if that will encourage me to wear them more often.

them: “bark bark”.                    me: “Hello, I’m in the other tree”.

For some reason when I tell women they would look nice in skimpy lingerie, they get all mad and offended.

Maybe it’s how I say it …

with my tongue hanging out of my mouth and doing the international “breast fondling” gesture.


note: looking good in a Santa suit is not a positive thing.

double note: resume photo … I was standing in my underwear actually.