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The Video: Really Bad Things

 Here is a little video Kelly Pettit  and I made.
It’s a mixture of the “Really Bad Things” series with a bunch of new ones thrown in too!



 note: a very very very very special “thank you” to Kelly Pettit  who did all the work on this one: director, producer, cinematographer, sound engineer, and most especially editor. I really couldn’t have done this with out his expertise in things I know nothing about.
He also carried half the pool table around with me looking silly for a few hours.
Kelly rocks!!!!

double note: I should have smiled more in this video.

triple note: Really Bad Things, More Really Bad Things, and Still More Really Bad Things are still being bad.


notes to myself #10

When you are 9 years old do not do Morris’ paper route for him. He’s not going to pay you; and him and his dad are douche b … oh! … you don’t know those words yet! … they are jerks.

Trigger Words #1



Do you know any words that when you hear them, they cause you to roll your eyeballs?

One of mine is: organic   ….   as in “organic food“.

I know what people mean when they say it, but how can one word have 2 definitions that contradict each other?

1. derived from a living organism.

2. food grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizer.

It doesn’t make sense to me.

Either almost everything I eat is organic, or almost nothing I eat is organic.

It can’t be both, but it is!

Either I am organic, or I am not organic.

It’s an oxymoron.

It’s like saying: sport

1. an active pastime, recreation, or game having a set form and rules.

2. an active pastime, recreation, or game having no set form or rules.

This word with 2 opposing definitions bothers me.

note: black pudding, blood sausage, liver, and kidney are probably the original organic foods.

double note: I wonder which definition organic chemists like?

triple note: Are organs at hockey arenas and churches “vital organs“?

quadruple note: Is organ music: 1) made with an organ?   2) made by an organism?  3) made by people not on drugs?