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Backward “Buts”


Why can body parts be dislocated, fractured, damaged, injured, hyper-extended, bruised, broken, chipped, cracked, scratched, and sprained;

but only toes can be stubbed?


note: I think I stub my face when I don’t shave … or something like that.

double note: you know that second between stubbing your toe and the following pain? … I know you do.

triple note: I wish I could snap my toes like my fingers … toes must get kind of tired tapping to music.


Today #158

Today unrolled like a roll of toilet paper unrolling across the floor: it was fun to watch.
(it must be an optical illusion, but that toilet roll seemed to get smaller the farther it got away from me)



Pre-Optical Illusions usually involve a man dressed as a woman.


note: imitations have their limitations … except for the “l“.

double note: I thought I was in a different country … it was a very good impersonation.


Today #40

Today I dreamed of electric pajamas. … hey! I can’t be responsible for my dreams!


change that doesn't change


Stuff in water is supposed to look bigger

… but these one yen coins still look like one yen coins.


I thought they’d at least look like 5 or 10 yen coins. 


note: I guess change doesn’t change in water.

double note: I put other coins into this thing to see if they’d look any bigger, but they didn’t.
When I was taking my coins back out again, some people looked at me funny. … I guess they’ve already tried this experiment or something.



Odd Facade

Why do people have fake brick and fake wood siding on their houses?

If I was going fake, I’d want a fake front like on a movie set; a fiberglass cartoon style like Toontown at Disneyland; or cool trick art optical illusion stuff.

If you’re going fake, go all the way!


note: fake “wood brick siding” in a Jenga style would look quite nice.

double note: a house made of giant Lego bricks would be too amazing!

                    “I built a 3rd floor on my house; it took 30 minutes.”

triple note: I don’t think there is enough fiberglass in most diets. In fact I don’t think there is any at all. What’s up with that?

quadruple note: Would fiberglass glasses be called fiber-optics?







If I hurt my neck while drunk, is that “whiplush”?











note: “lashing back” at someone usually cause a “backlash”.

double note: my van is frontfiring perfectly.