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A Word To The Not So Wise


What’s the opposite of “the opposite“?

… “the same“?

That just doesn’t make sense; how can it be the same word?


note: I’m not intelligent … I’m outelligent
… but I’m not sure what that means really.

double note: I put my fingers in the jar … pure insanity!!!


Things I’ve Seen With My Own Eyes #8:      most of my nose.

Oppositting And Thinking


someone doesn't think they need a mask!


What is the opposite of “opposite”?

… the “same”?

How can it be the “same” word?

It should be the opposite … not the same!  … I mean not the same or opposite … I mean …

I’m confused.


note: sure opposites attract … if you are a magnet … or something.

double note: I know the reverse of “opposite” is “etisoppo“, but that fact isn’t going to win me any prizes. … maybe it’s just backwards.

triple note:opposite seeing” is going anywhere that a few people I know aren’t.


notes to myself #19

Mom knows that pro wrestling is fake: I don’t know why she watches it!