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Birthday Party, Cheesecake, Jelly Bean, Boom!


The “End of the World” people don’t like to hedge their bets, do they?

A “probably“, “maybe“, or “possibly” tucked into their prediction might make other people think they are still pretty okay normal people.

… “oh it didn’t happen. That’s okay, maybe next time you’ll be right. Wanna go get a few beers?


note: I’ll remain cynical until everything is phonetic … then I’ll be sinical.

note: this site  lists over 200 failed predictions about the End of the World. It’s mildly interesting. 
I try not to be too much of a Bible Thumper Basher, but this site’s main premise seems to be that Jesus’ 2nd coming will have something to do with the End of the World. … but no dates are given for that.
I hope he doesn’t come while I’m still alive because I’d probably be seriously bummed out, embarrassed and saying “no way!” a lot … along with 67% of the Earth’s inhabitants.

triple note: I’m not holding my breath unless there isn’t any oxygen around … or you bet me $5 that I can’t hold it for 2 minutes under water.

quadruple note: the title is a borrowed line from R.E.M‘s “It’s The End Of The World“.

quintuple note: if I have offended anyone, I haven’t meant to. It’s just a topic and I’m sure I’ll be saying something weird about holes in my socks or dandruff or chain letters or rolypolitics tomorrow.


notes to myself #84

Mom is pretty disappointed that all her children don’t share her belief about the hereafter … but she did a good job making us believe in love and an individual’s choice to believe what they want.