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This Year’s Best Photograph!

I can't help if you thought it was going to be something else.



note: what did you really expect from me?

double note: here’s a photograph of the “photo graph”‘s photograph.

just in case you didn't think I thought of doing this



notes to myself #8

The “Dune” books get crappy after the 3rd one.

Not Necessitarily

all my oars are out of the water sometimes!


I’d like to have to not have to want to have to want to have to want to do anything I really didn’t have to want to do;

especially if it involved figuring out if the first part of this sentence kind of possibly sort of maybe might not have been what I meant to say.


note: if I was going to be “sentenced to death” … the one above probably would be lethal.

double note: why can’t “want to” and “have to” be closer together?

triple note: on planetross there is no need for “have to“.

quadruple note: the bigger the pile of “I have to” … the less “I want to“.   … or is it the more “I want to“?


notes to myself #4

You are not a billionaire living on your own island at 44 years old. It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen at 45 either … sorry.
You know those sexy women in the ZZ Top videos? … no you don’t.