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Middle Name Calling

I must have taken this one by mistake!


I don’t care how many middle names you think you have,

… you only have one!

If you think you have 2 middle names, you don’t have any.



note: it’s the “half a hole” or “whole half” thing happening all over again!

double note:

girl: “Mommy! The kids down the road were calling me bad middle names again!

mother: “You’re just going to have to live with it Sweet All.


triple note: if I lost a finger in an accident I’d have another one surgically removed, so I could still give people the middle finger.

oh! I forgot about the other hand.


quadruple note: I’ve put on 3 entries tonight. I don’t know why … I just do stuff sometimes.


notes to myself #3

When you are 9 years old, do not light a whole pack of matches over the toilet … or at least lift the toilet seat up before you do it … so it doesn’t get burnt when you drop them.

A Peasant Post

yes it is my handwriting! ... I'm not so good with my feet.


note: do you get the title? … this entry won’t be getting any royalties.


notes to myself #2

In Grade 11 don’t keep asking Amy out on dates: she’s a lesbian.

Good Moody

Street Dance festival in Kanazawa city


Do you ever wake up in the morning and just know that it will be a great big enjoyable day?

No matter what happens, your mood can’t be budged, bullied, or bothered.

Today isn’t one of those days …

but I was kind of hoping.


note: At the beginning of “A Hard Day’s Night” when John Lennon laughs at Ringo and George falling down … that’s how I feel on really good days.

double note: I’ve updated a few of the experiments, added a page at the top, and started something different at the bottom of posts.

 triple note: most days I feel like George and Ringo.


notes to myself #1

In Grade 4 when you make a deal with Peter to run over the “50 yard dash” finish line together so you can both get 1st place ribbons,  don’t do it. It’s a double cross!