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Dates Give Me Diarrhea

somewhere in Argentina 2006


Why is January 1st New Year’s Day?

It’s not the summer or winter solstice.

It’s not the vernal or autumnal equinox.

It’s not a big religiously important day … as far as I know.

It’s a regular day with no special significance.

Do you know why it was picked as the start of the New Year?

It’s because some Pope just decided it.

… I bet it was the bastard’s birthday!

Does New Year’s Day really have to start on the first of any month?

What’s the difference?


note: I’d pick the first day of spring like it was in the Middle Ages … or my birthday.

double note: The Chinese New Year makes a lot more sense to me now … except for that dragon stuff.

triple note: people could have 2 New Year’s Days: one for the Northern Hemisphere and one for the Southern Hemisphere. Who cares really? … extra days off of work too!

quadruple note: If you think I’m picking on the Catholic Church, I’ll pick on Science instead: one word  … “Pluto“.

quintuple note: It’s amazing what people accept as “the way it is” because that’s just “the way it has been” for a while.

sextuple note: People living way way up North would probably vote against the summer solstice as New Year’s Day because … they wouldn’t be able to see their fireworks.

septuple note: 

… and don’t get me started on what the first day of the week is!!!


octuple note: from ask jeeves or ask … as it likes to be known now.

Among the ancient peoples, New Year’s Day was traditionally celebrated in conjunction with the vernal or autumnal equinox or the summer or winter solstice. In the Middle Ages it was set at the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere, usually on March 25.

The Gregorian calendar, which is widely in use throughout the western world today, was initially decreed by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582. January 1 was declared as the first day of the new year on 1 January 1622.



The Year Of The ???

not just on placemats!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

Sure 2009 is almost here, but what is the next animal in the Chinese Zodiac?

a Stitch in time saves nine


The Year of the Stitch??  Wrong!!


Well, Hello Kitty!!


The Year of the Hello Kitty??  Wrong again!!!


quit bugging me!


The Year of the Bugs?  Wrong again … again!!

Three strikes for you Hot Shot!!


I’ll narrow it down for you.

the usual suspects


That’s right Hot Shot! It’s going to be … The Year of the …

mooooove over rat face!


get a little closer to the fire Mr. Cow!


what a cow!


get off my back and wait for the year of the horse!


so cute I'm gonna puke!


Are you from Kobe Cow-san?


Yeah! I got milk!  Who wants to know?


COW!!!!!!!!  COW!!!!!!!   COW!!!!!!!!   COW!!!!!!!!!   COW!!!!!!!!


note: in Japan it’s called the “Year of the Cow” not the “Year of the Ox“.  All the merchandise is ready for January 1st!! It makes life so much easier.

double note: in Japan people send New Year’s postcards. The Post Office keeps the cards and waits until January 1st to deliver them all!! How cool is that? mildly cool I guess.

triple note: on January 1st in Japan, the “National 3 Legged Race” championships are televised. All the best Junior High School teams compete to be #1!   Not just 2 people with their legs tied together, but 20 or so people. (seriously)  It does look pretty cool!  

quadruple note: if you hover the cursor over the pictures, there is a little caption. That takes time you know! … just saying.