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The little house next to mine has been rented again.

A moving van came and unloaded a bunch of stuff. I couldn’t see too much from my front window, that I was standing at anyway.

I saw a little bit more from my bathroom window; but I started to cramp up from standing on the toilet, hunching over to see out the window, and twisting my neck at an extreme angle.

Most things were in boxes anyway. Why aren’t there see through boxes? It would make it easier to see what’s in them.

After everyone left, I walked over to the house because I had something to do over that way for some reason. They had already started to unpack; at least the curtains anyway.
The curtains are the right size and pretty thick; I couldn’t see anything else.

I hope the new neighbours are better than the last ones: they were a bit nosey.




note: I’m turning in to my mother.



Pecking Order

Someone was banging on my door. I put down my cup of coffee and went to see who it was. When I opened my door, I saw Mrs. Johnson my neighbour.


“The birds are eating my husband!”, she blurted out hysterically.

 “What?”, was all I could come up with for a response.

 “The birds are eating my husband! Help me!”, she repeated.

 I didn’t believe it; not for an instance. But I humoured her and put on my shoes and followed her as she hurried towards her backyard.I knew Mr. Johnson had died a month earlier of some unpronouncable illness that affects the elderly. I was thinking Mrs. Johnson must be having a nervous breakdown.

I was just deciding what the next plan of action should be, when we entered her backyard.There were about 50 crows scattered across her lawn feasting on something in the grass: pecking the ground, squabbling, cackling, flapping their wings to hold their territory.

Mrs. Johnson looked at me speechless with tears in her eyes, and collapsed into a patio chair.

 It was then that I saw her husband’s urn, sitting on the table beside her, empty.

Battling Caterpillars


Last year I had a caterpillar invasion in my front yard bushes.
Big caterpillars: the size of my fingers!

I took my neighbour’s advice: pull them off with chopsticks and step on them.

After a hard week of plucking and squishing caterpillars, I had eliminated about 500 of the big buggers.
Caterpillar guts and carcasses littered the ground.
It was a real mess.

I left a few alive, so hopefully I can do it again this year.