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Name Calling


Some people are just born Lucky

… while other people are just born Michael, Carlos, Raj, Anna-Marie, Yuko, Nadia, …

It just depends on who the parents are.

It’s genetic.


note: children named Lucky must have to overcome a lot of odds growing up.


Today #296

Today I realized that I’m quite good at wasting time.
… and playing Zombie Highway on the i-phone.


I bet it sucks having the last name “Disney”.

If you aren’t related to that corporation somehow and have pots of money, you were definitely born with a disadvantage.

I’m glad my last name is “Exxon”!


note:Shithead” for a last name wouldn’t be good either.




Definition: what the people of a place are called.

I’ve been a Duncanite, a Mill Bayer, a Victorian, a Vancouverite, a William’s Laker, and a Port Hardian.

I’m still a Canadian, I think!

In my city Numata, Japan, I’m not sure what I’m called.

I don’t think they go in for demonyms.

Maybe I’m a:

Numatite: but that sounds like something you go to jail for.
Numatitian: sound like I’m good at math.
Numatonian: I don’t know what my half-life is though.
Numater: sounds too much like no matter.
Numish: sounds like I should be driving a horse and buggy and shunning TV.
Numatanian: I think Jean Luc Picard saved my planet a few years back.

I’ll stick to “I live in __________”, for now!


I like the name Josie.

I don’t know why! I just do.

The meaning doesn’t appeal to me: God Will Add.
What’s he going to add? a can of milk? a dash of arregano? a $50 gift certificate for being the 9th caller?

It’s supposedly been in songs by Blink-182, Donovan, and Steely Dan. I haven’t heard any of those.
I just know it from the line “Josie’s on a vacation far away” in The Outfield song.

I liked Josie and the Pussycats! The Outlaw Josie Wales!

I liked Josie Cotton singing “Johnny are you queer” in the Valley Girl movie.

But if I had a child, who turned out to be a girl, I couldn’t use the name.

My last name doesn’t go with it.