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Now There Is Snow … And Later There Will Be Slater … I Think That’s How It Works


It snowed so much I had to unshovel my snow shovel … before snow shoveling.


note: woo hoo! Snow Day!!! … ah crap it’s my regular day off.

double note: if the human body is about 60% water, does that mean Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire were 60% tap water.

triple note: this was in the morning … and this is what things looked like in the late afternoon.


what I’m listening to now #3: my kerosene heater.

Something Telepathy

 moat and van


“Sacra monu senti
Tempera govern experi
Develop orna detri” 

… sorry

I’m just being … mental!


note: it looks like a spell I’m going through!

double note: Latin? … Latout I say!

triple note: my van is none of those things! … maybe a little sentimental.


notes to myself #9

When you are 28 take your own camera to Europe: Simon likes to stick his fingers in to pictures.

Looking On A Less Than Darker Side

It will kick your ass ... in a while



note:  it’s $50 to fix … and imagination is free … so I’m going with the latter.

double note: I wish my side mirror would break so I wouldn’t have to look at it though.

triple note: looking back while driving forward is like reviewing stuff from a different angle. 

quadruple note: “I’ve been there! I know what I saw!”




Vest Human

Simply The Vest!


I know my Japanese is less than great, but … I wouldn’t make up stickers for my van without getting a second opinion.


note:  a basectomy doesn’t sound so horribly bad now.

double note: b‘s and v‘s take a veating ober here; r‘s and l‘s do too! I think in Japan I’m “pranetloss“!

triple note: I think that kid is holding a broccoli icecream cone too!

quadruple note: I’ve put on 3 entries tonight: check out the other 2 if you are so inclined.



The Last Man On Earth

sexy papa!


If I were the last man on earth, I’d probably be pretty happy about meeting this person …

until I found out there were still lots of women around!

It would be a tough situation to be in: I’m not good at ending relationships.


note: If I were the last person on earth …

1. I’d be hoping for Cornelius and Zira to show up in a rocket ship.

2. I’d touch everything with a “Do not touch” sign, except hot things.

3. I’d be glad that I hadn’t watched the “24” series earlier.

4. I’d keep the bathroom door open … maybe.

5.  I’d still drive around in my van.

6. I’d read the old entries on your blogs, but I wouldn’t comment.

7. I’d work less.

8. I might start getting a complex or something: especially if everyone had moved to the moon.

9. Table manners and personal hygiene might get a bit sloppy.

10. Reproduction could prove more difficult than now.

11. I’d probably be saying this like a mantra too: “Wormer, he’s a dead man! Marmalard, dead! Niedermeyer…


double note: the man in the image is Akihiro Miwa: singer/songwriter, TV personality, and spiritualist. Supposedly if you put his image on your cellphone, it’s good luck. You go first!



Car Stickers











In Japan, people who’ve reached the age of seniority, and new drivers, have to put stickers on their cars to warn other drivers to drive a little more cautiously around them.

What about all of us who aren’t eligible for a sticker? What a rip-off!

No sticker; no lollipop; no nothin’!


note: If you get your driver’s license after 60 years old, do you get both?

double note: I was going to cover my van’s bumper in those magnetic stickers, but rust isn’t very magnetic.





That person is always in a “Rush”.


note: What a Rush!

double note: I think my van is called “Rust“.

triple note: That band is popular everywhere!

quadruple note: I’m going to buy a “Def Leppard” next year.

quintuple note: Why do I feel like Austin Powers when I leave these notes?




Living on the  edge. Pushing the envelope. Turning it up to 11.

That’s the life for me!

I passed a police car on the highway today!

I put it to the man; fought the authorities; made a statement.

It was touch and go for a while, but after 10 kilometers of side by side furious 90 km per hour driving and numerous speedometer checks I edged ahead of him.

Eat my dust, copper!


note: it was raining, so he didn’t really eat any dust.

double note: Once I passed him I turned around and went to my exit 5 kilometers back.

triple note: if you look really closely, you can see a portion of my van. When moving the van is just too fast for photos.



When I’m Filthy Rich


When I saw all these fine Lotus Sports cars, I thought …

if I were filthy rich, I’d buy a bigger chip for my camera, take more photos of them, and maybe even have a few prints made.


note: photos taken on Route 120 on the way to Nikko, Japan. Check out nathaliewithanh‘s blog for more Japan adventures. (she only put up one picture of these fine Lotus! She’s a madwoman!!!)

 double note: There were about 30 of these cars in a public parking lot and nobody was watching them, or more importantly watching the people who were looking at them. I don’t know what all the drivers were doing: probably eating cup-o-noodles or taking pictures of my van.

triple note: my van: very photogenic.



Parking Lot Wanker



What’s with some people?

I parked my van in an isolated spot in the parking lot so it wouldn’t get scratched, and some loser parks right next to me. 

He or she could have parked anywhere, but no…….  they chose to be jerks and picked the spot next to me.

Look how close they parked!

They are even over the designated parking lines!

Those lines are there for a reason: they are not guidelines you can just ignore.

I spent a lot of time making my van look good:

washing:10 minutes, 2 weeks ago

detailing: spraying the rust on my rear bumper with rust protectant, emptying ashtray, and putting on a classy bumpersticker.



Yes, that’s the remnants of another classy bumpersticker: Astroboy

When I saw this after returning from making important purchases involving canned ready-to-eat products, I can assure you I examined my van closely for scratches. There were lots of scratches, but none with yellow paint. (that car’s yellow paint at least)

I was lucky this time.