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De-Siding Stuff


When people start choosing sides,

I always choose the blindside

… because people never expect that!


note: my van doesn’t have any blindspots, but other drivers turn a blind eye to it though.

double note:no, I don’t think my eyes are sore while driving! Why do you ask?

triple note: most spots on dalmations are probably blind. I could be wrong; I usually am.


Today #349

Today I almost missed sending a “Happy Birthday” greeting to one of my sisters. Usually the time zone stuff works in my favor, but she’s in Australia … so I was cutting it close.
(I didn’t send birthday greetings to the other sisters because that might be stupid)


This Is A Repost: “First Memory”

 July 20th, 1969: Apollo 11 Moon Landing.

It was my sister’s 7th birthday; I was 4 years old.
I remember it because our family tradition was to eat the birthday cake and then open presents. We finished dinner, and then everyone rushed to the old black and white TV to watch the moon landing.
For my sister: no cake, no presents.
She cried like crazy.

My oldest brother (15 years older) was working in Peru at the time.
He remembers hearing it on the radio.
He was so excited he borrowed someone’s motorcycle and drove out into the country.
He saw a farmer out in a field working with a cow pulling a plow.
He yelled to the farmer in Spanish, “We’ve just landed on the moon!

The farmer looked at him and replied, “Leave me alone you crazy gringo!

note: actually I remember riding around on the vacuum cleaner while my Mom cleaned the day before the moon landing, but I still do that so it’s no big deal.
double note: only the cow was pulling the plow, not the farmer and the cow.
triple note: I just thought I’d repost this because it’s my sister’s birthday again. Happy Birthday!
quadruple note: I would have put in a different story about the moon landing, but I only have one for some reason.
quintuple note: something strange happened when I copied and pasted this one. Please disregard the “.