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I visit a $1 store every once in a while to buy prizes for the kids I teach.

I’m pretty good at figuring out what kids aged 4 to 14  like.

I don’t know why I know what they will like, but I’m pretty good at it.

I have a talent. Go figure.

… But today I found this:


How super cool is this?   
Rhetorical question for sure.
I feel your envy.

I wish I had this when I was 4 years old … and now … and then … and now and then!


note: I’m keeping these babies! The kids won’t know.

double note: to tell the truth, I don’t think I ever grew up … I just got bigger.


Today #246

It’s my oldest brother’s birthday  today: he’s 62. Happy Birthday Bro.
My mind is blown just thinking about it … and the balloon blowing up business.
He’s been in my family the longest … next to my parents … I’m sure he has stories.
I’m still a rookie compared to him.

This Is A Repost: “First Memory”

 July 20th, 1969: Apollo 11 Moon Landing.

It was my sister’s 7th birthday; I was 4 years old.
I remember it because our family tradition was to eat the birthday cake and then open presents. We finished dinner, and then everyone rushed to the old black and white TV to watch the moon landing.
For my sister: no cake, no presents.
She cried like crazy.

My oldest brother (15 years older) was working in Peru at the time.
He remembers hearing it on the radio.
He was so excited he borrowed someone’s motorcycle and drove out into the country.
He saw a farmer out in a field working with a cow pulling a plow.
He yelled to the farmer in Spanish, “We’ve just landed on the moon!

The farmer looked at him and replied, “Leave me alone you crazy gringo!

note: actually I remember riding around on the vacuum cleaner while my Mom cleaned the day before the moon landing, but I still do that so it’s no big deal.
double note: only the cow was pulling the plow, not the farmer and the cow.
triple note: I just thought I’d repost this because it’s my sister’s birthday again. Happy Birthday!
quadruple note: I would have put in a different story about the moon landing, but I only have one for some reason.
quintuple note: something strange happened when I copied and pasted this one. Please disregard the “.

My Oldest Brothers’ Birthday!


My oldest brother is turning 59!!!

Almost retirement age: how is that possible?

Notable things about my brother:

– he has been mistaken for my father on a few occasions.

he is a former hippie ( a real one from the 60’s and everything) I’ve seen him in moose boots!!

– he has crashed more volkswagen bugs than German crash test dummies, but still has the creepy-crawley to get underneath them.

he gets seriously intense and animated when telling stories. (possible family trait)

– he has 3 beautiful daughters that I have met at 20 year intervals.

he had something called an “asaphiditti bag” for holding marijuana, before my mother confiscated it.

– he is short and skinny. (not a family trait)

he still bums cigarettes off me when we meet.

– he is amazingly likable and personable. (family trait)

he takes visitors to the garbage dump to see the bears in his city.

– he got most our father’s names. (for which the rest of us are forever grateful)

he has me as a brother.

Happy Birthday Biggest Brother!


note: 2 brothers down and 1 more to go along with 3 sisters. I have blog material for a while yet!

double note: I don’t know how we all turned out so amazingly.

triple note: photo taken a few years ago at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

quadruple note: planetross has a very special visitor coming and will be back about September 16th. Please feel free to ‘stroll around the grounds until you feel at home’.



The Skunk


One of my brothers worked in a logging camp a long time ago.

In hot weather, the camp kitchen kept the backdoor open because of the heat. Skunks were attracted by the smell of food; and on a few occasions, one brave skunk had entered the kitchen and helped itself to some of the food while the kitchen staff fled.

The kitchen staff eventually set a trap outside the kitchen door to catch the offending skunk.

It worked.

A few days after setting the trap, the kitchen staff heard strange sounds from outside.

They had caught the skunk!

All happy with their big achievement, they stood around the trap smoking and congratulating each other on how smart they were.

All of a sudden the teeter-totter style trap defied physics and flipped back open.
And out popped the skunk!

My brother said he had never seen so many people run so fast in his life.


note: True story: but my brother was known for embellishing the truth on occasion.

double note: the same brother did once bring home a 48 pound salmon caught in a river. I saw that. I think he almost had to pay for an extra seat on the airplane.