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Magic Numbers

Standardization makes life easier, but why these numbers for these things?

88 keys on a piano: why not 90 or 100?

6 strings on a guitar: sure there are 12 string guitars too, but why not 7 or 8 string guitars?

9 players on a baseball team: what’s up with that short stop?

11 players on a soccer team: why not 10, 12, or 15?

4/5 forward gears in a regular car: I’d like 6, and maybe 2 reverse gears too.

2 plug-ins on electrical wall outlets: I always wish there were more. 4 would be nice.

28 days in February: can’t the other months share a few days to even things out?


Scoring in tennis: love, 15, 30, 40, deuce, ad in, ad out.

There are some traditions worth keeping, and then there is confusion and insanity.

Musical Instruments


I am woefully ignorant when it comes to playing musical instruments.

It’s like algebra all over again. I don’t get it; I probably never will.

I remember brutalizing the recorder they gave me to play at school. I was downgraded to the tambourine, then the triangle, and finally bottomed out as the wooden stick clacker person.

I love listening to music, singing badly to it, and watching live concerts. I have even worn a Ramones t-shirt prouldly at one time in my life.

My closest friend is a musician; I think what he does is mysterious and magical.

I unintentionally phase out when he starts trying to explain chords, notes, and other music related things to me: not out of disinterest, but out of confusion.

I don’t get it; probably never will.

note: if knee slapping or steering wheel tapping become popular, I’ll be able to redeem myself.