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My friend Mr. Pettit seems to disappear around Christmas each year to visit family in Canada. He always brings me back something.

This year he brought back a pig lighter for me … and other things too.

I think I looked less than appreciative and awed when he gave the pig to me. I clicked it a few times and it didn’t work.

I mumbled something. He mumbled something. We moved on.

I put it on the dashboard of my van, looked at it for a few weeks, and continued using a different lighter for lighting cigarettes.

I eventually tried the pig. It seems to work on warm days … kind of like a coconut seller on a tropical beach.

I like the pig! It is awesome! It is me!

Thanks for the pig!


note: if I wasn’t the Cheese, I’d be the Pig!

double note: no one can know you as well as you know yourself, but it’s scary how often other people guess correctly.


Today #131

Today was pretty good. I can’t ask for more than that sometimes: I’m not greedy.

People Who Talk To Themselves …

stone in love


People who talk to themselves:

– should think about what they are saying.

– make me grumble.

– should pretend they are sleeping … because that stuff can’t be helped.

– are just breathing phonetically.

– shouldn’t … because after a while the conversation may get a bit one-sided.

– are utterly annoying.

– eventually don’t have anyone to talk to.

– should have a pet or phone with them so they don’t look so weird.

– are unsound … but with sound!

– should speak more clearly.

– probably go crazy eventually.

– shouldn’t … because they more often than not digress into mumbling, groaning, and grunting.

– really should start singing to themselves … because that’s okay!


note: The above statue has nothing to do with someone talking to themself. Someone told me to take a picture of it; but when I looked around to see who said it, the person was gone.

double note: has anyone heard from jimsmuse or pannonica?  … because sometimes I feel like I’m blogging to myself without them around. (sad face)

 triple note: I noticed pannonica was back while doing this, but will leave her in the double note because it’s the thought that matters. (smiley face)

 quadruple note: I can’t hear myself think out loud with those people around!