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Mist is foggerious.

… or something like that.


note: when I can see my breath on a cold day is that ex-hail?

double note: steam is just hot water with no attention span.

triple note: the right wrist is mildly better. I think I may blog about it next.


notes to myself #72

Hayley Mills made “The Parent Trap” 4 years before you were born: it’s not meant to be … let it go.
You’re not going to get together … yeah yeah yeah.

Stuff On Cakes And Stuff

foggy misty and steamy!

What do people call “icing” or “frosting” in really warm countries?

Fog?   Mist?   Sunblock?   Mirage?


note: If it’s a really warm country, sugar coating is out too!

double note: Are snow flakey pie crusts possible?

triple note: In ice hockey the puck gets iced a lot, but I still wouldn’t want to eat it.