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Do you know what the difference between a “crap photo” and a “great photo” is?


… anything else is just pure or impure perspeculation.


note: this isn’t directed towards anyone on my blogroll. I love your photos/pictures/paintings. (no sarcasm)

double note: this wasn’t a “photo opportunity” … it was a “camera opportunity“! hee hee!

triple note: yes, I know I’ve played with perspectacles  before … but this is different … it’s perspeculation!

quadruple note: I just get tired of hearing people bag on someone else’s photos because they don’t like them for technical/personal reasons. These people really pixels my ass.

quintuple note: my favourite photo!


Today #76

Today  just doesn’t sound grammatically correct: it should be twodays.



When the plane lost both engines, all the passengers and crew put on parachutes and escaped unharmed.

It was miraculous that there were just enough parachutes for everyone.

You should have been there.


note: my computer is dying. I may not be up and running again for a few days.


Today #51

Today seemed longer than usual, but the regular width for some reason.