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Symbolicking Good


In Japan, highway service area signs use the “knife and fork” symbol to let motorists know that there is a restaurant on location.

I’ve never seen the “chopstick” symbol; it must be difficult to draw or something.


note: there should be a “two hand” symbol on highway service area signs, if there is a McDonald’s there.


Today #218

I was too dazed today.



Why is there never a single patron discount at FastFood places?
It’s always a “Family Value Set” or “Party Pack” that only groups can enjoy.

Sure, there are individual sets … and sometimes burger or chicken promotions, but everyone can still take advantage of those.

I’ll continue to occupy boothseats by myself until something is done about this.


note: I bought a “Big Mac Set” and another Big Mac from the local McDonald’s for 970 yen … and then noticed there was a “3 Person Value Set” for 1,000 yen. I felt kind of ripped off.

My Order: 2 Big Macs, medium fries, medium drink.
3 Person Value Set: Big Mac, Teriyaki McBurger, hamburger, chicken McNuggets, 2 medium fries, 3 small drinks. (above photo)

double note:  in protest, yesterday I went to McDonald’s and ordered that stupid 3 Person Value Set, sat down with my stupid 2 trays, and stupidly ate it all.
… then I waddled home and groaned a lot. 

triple note: I guess I could have gone with someone and split the “3 Person Value Set” for a savings, but I didn’t think I could convince Mr. Pettit to eat that stinky Teriyaki McBurger.

quadruple note:Eating alone? … that’s half-price then.

quintuple note: sometimes “I Am The Pig”


Today #69

I smelled the todaisies today … or whatever those flowers are called.



Is this what they call those youth soccer players who come out on the field with the professional players at the beginning of matches?

I think someone should think of a better name for those kids.


note: this was on my tray at McDonald’s today.

double note: yes I read the important information on those pieces of paper … just not anything nutritional … if there is anything like that.


notes to myself #164

You will never remember the date of one of your sisters’  birthday.

An Unbalancing Act


I don’t want a balanced meal when I eat fast food.

I want an unbalanced one that slides down that little burger chute quickly.


note: McDonald’s is selling sweet corn niblets in Japan.  … and it’s pretty expensive too!

double note: why do I always have to look up McDonald’s to see how to spell it?

triple note:

I love corn!
I just would never in a million years order a bowl of niblets in a restaurant.

Is it because it’s too ordinary?               No.
I’d order toast, an egg, a potato or even a glass of milk.

It’s probably because I know someone is just opening up a can in the kitchen and heating it a bit.

There’s just not enough work involved.

… and I know it only costs about 50 cents a can.

quadruple note: if they can make multi-vitamins in pill form, why can’t they just stick all those vitamins and minerals into the meat?

quintuple note: I’m starting to sound all Soylent Green in my best Charlton Hestone.

sextuple note: Charlton Heston was born John Charles Carter in No Man’s Land, Illinois.  I’m not making this up! … there really is a place called Illinois!

septuple note:fasting food” chains aren’t very popular … and don’t have any combo deals.


notes to myself #117

Once the “no dessert unless you eat all your vegetables” phase of your life passes … you really start eating unhealthy.

McDonald’s Cheeseburgers


I like McDonald’s cheeseburgers.

I can eat 4 or 5 without even thinking about it.


They are crap: I know.

It’s the ketchup and pickles that I like.

If you put ketchup and pickles on a piece of cardboard, I’d probably eat it and ask for seconds. It’s probably more nutritional too.


note: my attempt to draw Tony the Tasmanian back in to the blogosphere.





When I tell people I ate a lot of “Fast Food” in South America, they usually say:

“With all that cheap delicious food everywhere, you chose to eat burgers?”

I didn’t want to

but …

it was usually the only place I could break the big bills dispensed by ATMs.

note: ATM in Spanish and Portuguese must mean “change AT McDonald’s”.