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To Coin A Phrase … About Coins.


I pick up change when I find it on the ground.

I don’t need the money.
I don’t need a good luck charm.

It’s just monetary litter.

What would happen if everyone started throwing their money on the ground?

Think of the mess!


note! … total score!

double note: if money grew on trees, I’m sure it would always be winter when I went to the forest.

triple note: countries that don’t have pennies must be unlucky.

quadruple note: throw coins in the correct receptacles: fountains and stuff!

quintuple note: is a “receptacle” when you make a reception and then get tackled?


Today #62

I can smell the ocean, but I know it’s still a day away.

(the ocean is my euphemism for the weekend … I thought you knew that)