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Formerly An Enigma

 The Enigma Solved


I finally saw the “Enigma” in action!

It’s definitely not a bicycle tire pump.

It’s  …  a water wheel!

The proud owners turn on their garden hose which magically produces water that flows over the “Enigma” and makes it revolve … and … that’s about it.

The water just goes down the drain after its amazing participation in this hydropower show of force.


note: I want one! I don’t think I use my drains enough.

double note: I figured out the local tourist attraction too! It’s a cave near a plum orchard. I asked a 10 year old kid and he sorted me out on this one.

sign solved


triple note:  I may think up some pretty crap stuff, but at least I don’t physically make it. I feel somewhat better somehow now.

quadruple note: I think “I Am The Cheese” still Mr. Davis … but I’m feeling especially cheesey today. hee hee!

 quintuple note: Is a solved “enigma” an “unigma“?