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Why don’t cruise ships use the name “Titanic”?

Sure, it may have had negative connotations in the past, but …

that movie must be 10 years old now!!!


note: Why can someone be shipwrecked, but not car crashed or bicycle accidented?

double note: someone should write a Titanic book from the iceberg’s perspective … maybe a pop-up book!

triple note: Leonardo DiCaprisizing???

cannote: yes, I did use the word “connotation” in this entry. I thought I’d forgotten that word … some other word must have made me think of it.

quadruple note: I added a word to the list of synonyms for “titanic” in the title. Can you guess which one? hee hee!


Mean Things I Say About People #4

She could never be shipwrecked … she’d be marooned.




Does having a famous person promote a product really work?

If companies continue to pay celebrities gobs of money for endorsements, it must somehow positively affect sales.

I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything because someone famous was in the advertisement.

There must be a lot of people not like me out there.


note: balancing 4 tires seems like a lot of unnecessary work; why can’t they just balance the vehicle?

double note: Leonardo DiCaprio must be amazingly small … or I got screwed on the tires I bought!

triple note: I have nothing against Leonardo DiCaprio. He seems like an okay type of Joe … and donates some of the gobs of money he makes from endorsements like this to charity.

quadruple note: I don’t have gobs of money … I just have gob.


notes to myself #196

Someday we are going to shave our head totally bald just to see how many scars, divets, and fissures are actually on our skull … but not today.