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Dreaming Of Laundry


In my laundream, my mother still does my laundry

… and sews on the occasional button.


note: are  dryer lint filters “laundreamcatchers“?
… they are about as useful. hee hee!

double note: lint always reminds me of this old post. Don’t worry, it’s not a picture of an old post from a fence or anything. … but wouldn’t that be cool!


Today #285

Today I scared kids by singing “It’s a Small World” in a high pitched creepy voice … and mimicking small zombie children, from all around the world, trying to kill them. Disney should really make a movie like that!

The Scoop


They changed the little plastic scoop in my laundry detergent box.

There must have been a big breakthrough in “plastic scoop technology”.

I’m going to keep using the old scoop on the right though.

I’m very traditional sometimes.


note: Why are all ice cream scoops the same size and shape? I want giant square scoops once in a while.



Wet T-Shirt Contests

My friend wanted to enter a wet t-shirt contest, but the dry cleaners ruined all her wet t-shirts.


note: if a woman wears a “wife beater“, does she call it a “husband beater“?

double note: Why do you have a dirty briefcase?

                         I don’t do laundry until tomorrow.



Tumble Dried English


I don’t usually dry my clothes at a laundromat, but it’s been raining for the last 3 days here, so I went.

This sign was on one of the dryers.

It’s scary, but I actually understand what it means.

I think I’ve lived in Japan for too long.


note: I’m usually underwhelmed by start buttons.





At work I see the same students,
at the same time,
on the same day of the week.
Sometimes for years.

I usually do my laundry on the weekends, so I start the week with all clean clothes.

I have my favourite shirts, and unconsciously wear them in the same order every day of the week.

Some of my students have probably seen me wear the same shirt every week for months on end.

I can’t wait for warmer weather, so I can start wearing my 5 t-shirts!

Wrestling Coat Hangers Again

It’s a sunny Saturday morning and I am listening to the steady dripping sound of snow melting off the roof.

 I was just on my balcony hanging up a load of laundry: in Japan dryers are not very common.

 14 shirts this week! it must be a record!!

 I can’t wait until my socks are done.

 Stay tuned….

 Oh Yah!

 I wrestled with coat hangers too.

The Inspection


I’m pretty methodical when doing laundry.
I unroll any bunched up socks; unbutton shirt collars; and check pockets for money, garbage, and miscellaneous. It’s passport control for clothing
The only thing that has escaped my pre-inspection was a tissue.

It only happened once.
It made a small mess.

A fuzzy sweater absorbed most of the shrapnel, with a few socks suffering a little collateral damage.
A friend of mine has washed not 1 but 2 ipod shuffles.

They don’t work now.

What an idiot!