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Japanese Stone Lanterns


When I see these old stone lanterns, I always stop and stare at them for a while.

Some people probably think I’m interested in old stone lanterns or art.
Some people might think I’m reflecting on some deep universal riddle.
Some people may think I’m pondering about what life was like for the artists who created these things.

None of that’s true though.

I’m just thinking if my head would fit in the hole … and whether I could push the whole thing over if I wanted to.

Some people think some pretty weird stuff.


note:  Coleman® stoves don’t use coal for some reason.

double note: this lantern had a guard cat … guarding it.

triple note: is the whole alphabet copyrighted and trademarked? … or just ® and ©? … I want the “P” in a circle … so I can I get some money back from parking lots.


Today #171

Today I remembered the old “pretend to crack an egg on a kid’s head” trick. Tap a kid on the head with a knuckle and then run fingers down the side of the kid’s head lightly, like it’s an egg running down their head. It still has the same effect as when it was done to me as a kid: amazement, screams, and then a “do it again” expression on the kid’s face.

I Am



I am …

as quick as a mouse … a very slow mouse.

as fat as a pig … an anorexic pig.

as brave as a lion … a scared lion.

as smart as a fox … a not so bright fox.

as gentle as a kitten … an aggressive mean kitten.

as happy as a clam … a sad clam.


as crazy as a shithouse rat… a shithouse rat on medication for craziness.

note:I have the memory of an elephant … mmm … peanuts are good.

double note: people shouldn’t be stereotyping these animals; it’s probably bad for their self esteem.

triple note: De Niro didn’t even wear a bull costume in that movie! What a rip off!!

quadruple note: does anyone else use “happy as a clam” or is it a regional thing?

quintuple note: “stereotyping” is a bit dated now; shouldn’t it be “mp3-keyboarding“?