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The Circle Of Life


As a kid, I used to think about how great it would be to be an adult.

As an adult, I think about how great it would be to be a kid again.

I don’t know what really old people think about though,
… but I’m sure eventually I’ll think of something.


note: I don’t really want to be old … I want to be the oldest!

double note: if I get to be an old man, … I definitely won’t be yours.

triple note: if I get to be an old man, hopefully I’ll be a funny old man … but not in that way.

quadruple note: I bet Gary Oldman is ready for the eventual jokes.

quintuple note: sure a satellite dish is circular, but I’m not sure about the life that comes with it.

sextuple note: people with TV seem to be overly remotely concerned.

septuple note:The grass is always greener … if you have green glasses
(I don’t know why people choose those rosey ones)


Today #174

I’m glad I’m not The Incredible Hulk today, because I wouldn’t have any Tuesday students left … that’s for sure.

It’s A Puzzle

not for children!

Have you ever watched children do a jigsaw puzzle?

They all attack it differently: some concentrate on the piece shapes, some focus on colors or images, some look for edge pieces, …

But …

when the puzzle gets dumped out of the box, and before most of the pieces are turned over, there is usually one overly excited kid who grabs the first 2 pieces he or she can get their hands on and tries to join them.

The child is always extremely surprised when they don’t fit together and then carries on by grabbing 2 more random pieces.

That kid is the eternal optimist in the bunch.

Life hasn’t made him or her methodical or calculating yet.

I like that;

… and the puzzles last a lot longer too!


note: I’m an “edge pieces first” person. Thanks for asking.

double note: If you’ve got 5 corners, something’s wrong.

triple note: the top puzzle is my next project!

quadruple note: You may think it’s strange, but I don’t like crossword puzzles. A good “word jumble” is nice though.

quintuple note: I wrote about puzzles  a long time ago. (before “notes“,  “humorblog” links, and medium sized photos even)




horsey rides

It really takes … some kind of fortitude to eat intestines … or guts or something.


note: Shouldn’t it be “intestinal fortitube“?

double note: all those “tude” words sound better with a “tube“: altitube, attitube, longitube, latitube, rectitube, servitube, …
It’s like baby talk for adults!

“Don’t be copping an attitube with me.”

triple note: Ok, which ones are the large intestines and which are the small intestines again?  It’s all so confusing.

quadruple note: there aren’t many good images of intestines, so here is picture of a little kid going for a horsey ride.

quintuple note: I wish I was a big horse; then I could make gobs of money from little kids riding around on my back. Now, kids don’t pay me.

sextuple note: Is it still technically a “piggy back” if it’s done on a horse?

septuple note: intestines are offal; which is good I think.



When Was The Last Time?

I went to another “Kindergarten Sports Day” on Saturday.
Call it an occupational hazard; call it what you will, but it was fun.

I was cheering, encouraging, and laughing at/with all the little kids doing their best.

And then I started thinking about how I would fair, if I had to do what they were doing.
Sure it looks easy and comical from the sidelines with a “been there done that” attitude;

but … what if I had to go out and do that now? Could I do it? 

It definitely wouldn’t be fun.

I’d most likely be seriously uncoordinated and rhythmically challenged; or sweaty, breathing hard, and very embarrassed; or both. Probably both.

So … when was the last time you …  

did a bit of drumming and marching? 

 carried around a keyboard and made some great music?

 wore pompoms on your wrists and did intricate dance routines?

saw a guy with a gun and were semi-happy?

 did a bit of climbing with a crowd watching?

did some somersaulting?

or did some competitive crawling like you meant it?

I guess performers, military personnel, and athletes do this kind of stuff regularly; but why do most people stop doing these things?

Is it just a natural part of growing up? does it cease to be fun at some point? or is it something else?

I don’t have any answers; I’m just wondering.


note: the man with the starter’s pistol is actually a buddhist monk.



Summer School



Can “summer school” be classified as “summery execution”?










note: kids: summer academic and summern’t, but … no one should be deprived their summer holidays.


Secret Rooms


At work I usually do a tour with some students of all the cubbie holes and hidden areas, of the building I work in, as a follow up to reading the story, “A Secret Room”.
We go into the storage area under the stairs, examine cupboards that look like part of the wall, and look behind doors that don’t get used very often.

There is a large crawl space under my room.
The entrance is under my desk.
The cement cover reminds me of the tunnel entrance in “The Great Escape”: the one that was in the barrack’s shower.

I move my desk, lift the lid, and let the kids have a look.

I tell them, this is where I put badly behaved students.

The kids usually look at me, stick their heads in the hole again, look at me again, and nervously smile.

I usually don’t have any behavioural problems from them for at least 5 minutes.