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Dance Recital Madness Again!


Yes, it’s that time of year for one of the Big Three on my calendar!

Dance Recital Madness!

Kindergarten Kids doing Kindergarten Dancing … in a Kindergarten no less!!!

I’ve gone for the last 6 years … and probably have another 6 years plus 6 years left in me before I’m not invited anymore … but I’d still go anyway.

Highlights this year:

someone could do a real cartwheel.
– I think they used the theme music from “The Prisoner“.
no one had a meltdown on stage.
– there were “garlic ninjas” and “cabbages” … that’s quite rare.
they let me write my name in English in the sign-in book … although I had to write it vertically.
– I didn’t get too mauled by all the kids.
there were 5 sets of twins performing … I’m still waiting for another set of triplets like 5 years ago.


note: I get to go to another one tomorrow morning. … pinching myself.

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what I’m listening to now #23:  Bread … not the band … just the stuff sitting in the kitchen.